The founding 2012 TVP national Platform Unveiled in mid 2009, is Timeless. That fundamental Document is based on Fundamental Principles as opposed to transitory pragmatism. Therefore, that Seminal 2012 National Platform shall forever remain the TVP National Platform, for that founding Platform is the Fundamental Expression of an entirely new Dimension of Civilization void of Initiatory Force.

The Twelve Visions Party is an unlikely, precious phenomenon that has steadily risen over the decades. First the Prime Literature had to be completed – thousands of pages of literature that develops the idea system and application systems which a New World, a much better World, the Twelve Visions World would rise. Decades of work went into developing the Prime Literature that idealizes the Twelve Visons World. The Prime Literature Provides the thinking tools and applications to free civilization from Subjugation… from plitical leaders and their ruling class pushing America Down. With the Prime Literature in place, we are now ready to actualize the better World in which there is no rule of man, no ruling class. There is only a Prime Law we all live by.

The Businesslike TVP is very different than other Political Parties. The Division of essence Businesslike structure will increasingly bring strength of focus to TVP’s sole purpose to end initiatory – force to the Prime Law Amendment and Protection Only Budget a focus and purpose no other political party has. Indeed, the TVP will grow in a businesslike way toward it’s single purpose to end initiatory force, thus depoliticize America. For our freedom, prosperity, and happiness.



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